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Browse just a selection of our client testimonials and discover how Gifted has helped some of the UK’s leading hotels maximise their gift voucher sales.

Marcin Chorostkowski

Operations Director

“Our investment in the Gifted platform has enabled us to provide a better gifting experience - we know that our guests love the convenience of having Captain’s Club Hotel products just a click away. We’re seeing gift voucher sales grow by over 35% as a result of having a good experience and getting repeat customers.”

Joy Peck

Sales & Marketing Manager

“Gifted has offered great support to me and my team, and it’s reassuring to see them always thinking of new industry-leading features. Having a piece of technology that’s easy to use has eliminated stress, and in turn, shown us a true reflection of revenue generated through custom vouchers.”

Sarah Moon

Marketing Manager

“Looking at our voucher sales for the past two months, we’re already up YOY by 28% since moving from ibookedOnline to Gifted - long may this continue!"

Nikki Reed

Finance Manager

"Not only have we saved money by transferring over from our previous provider, but we’ve seen a huge increase in sales. With new functionality released regularly, it really is the most innovative and luxurious platform out there.

Ross Grieve

Managing Director

"Gifted has transformed our voucher revenue year on year. We're achieving over £1m in sales now, which for a hotel and spa of our size is incredible. The success we've seen in voucher sales over the last few years has not only been down to Gifted, but also consistent and creative digital campaigns from Journey to support the promotion of vouchers throughout the year as well as ramping up activity during the key seasonal buying periods like Black Friday and Christmas."


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